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Module information

The AutoParts module is based on data from TecDoc databases, Original manufacturer catalogs, VIN number databases and our own databases, images and crosses.

The module is cross-platform and supports any CMS. Due to the fact that the “content part” of the CMS template (between the header and the footer of the CMS) has a built-in CMS method.

The AutoParts module works as a catalog that provides methods for transferring goods to the CMS cart, which processes the order and stores it in its own database. All data for millions of products (characteristics, photos, applicability, article numbers…) are not imported directly into the CMS, but are contained in separate database components that can be independently updated.

The AutoParts module is responsible for importing, storing and managing product prices, which stores this data in its own local database on your website.

The module does not pay attention to the admin part of the CMS and does not make changes to its structure. You can easily switch any integration modules to the CMS installed on the website. Only in some cases is it necessary to change and add files to your CMS.

The AutoParts can work the same way separately, without any CMS, and transfer product data to any external cart on an external website.

To import prices from suppliers or your warehouses or to connect to receive prices through third-party APIs, the module has its own administrative panel.

The administrative part is divided into parts. Each part responds to specific module settings. The language module supports up to 32 languages. The price import module allows you to download any number of prices from your suppliers. The module for importing prices via API will allow you to cache data to optimize the load on third-party resources.

Selling auto parts is not an easy thing, but my module allows you to solve many problems that arise, such as importing prices from suppliers, importing prices from warehouses. If you want something more, then I can do it easily.

If you need other functionality, we can easily develop it

Our extensive experience in developing such modules allows us to easily solve any problems posed by business.

You can only include those manufacturers that you need

It’s pretty simple. You must log in through the administrative panel and go to the desired component for editing.

You can edit displays of car manufacturers, their models, types, categories of auto parts.
If you have your own pictures of auto parts, then you can import them into the module. It’s simple.

Meet the team

I am the main developer of the module and yes, I am a professional

Aliaksei Prybytkou

Founder, Chief Developer

Aliaksei Prybytkou


Aliaksei Prybytkou

UI specialist

Aliaksei Prybytkou


Expand the ability to import prices by writing your own price processor and loader

  • This is necessary when standard functionality may not be enough.
  • If you need to process data with prices before its gas loading.
  • To download files and unzip files.