Welcome to our project which we have been developing for more than three years.
Experience from hundreds of customers has allowed us to create a functional solution TecDoc catalog module, which we constantly improve and expand. Our unit has won a good position in this segment of software products and has become quite popular. Different versions of the module are installed on hundreds of websites.
Installing TECDOC module we have — you get a guarantee of support for the source code, the decision of any questions and module auto-update.
Always happy to take you to new ideas to improve our product.
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The functional module:

  1. Includes catalogs: non-original parts — TEСDOС, original catalog ETKA (AUDI, SEAT, SKODA, VW), original catalog BMW ETK, MERCEDES EPC, RENAULT, etc …
  2. Decoding VIN number;
  3. Automatic updates module, bug fixes, support for new features and tools;
  4. Selection of parts by manufacturer -> Car models -> Engine -> Section -> Sub Parts;
  5. Detailed information on spare parts: characteristics associated numbers, the applicability of the models cars, images and PDF schema;
  6. Search for part number: Original, Analog, Vending number Barcode;
  7. Functional add your own photo and characteristics as the TecDoc parts database and new — which is not in the database;
  8. Price master import from CSV / XLSX (availability, delivery time, description, supplier, warehouse, weight, minimum order, no refunds …);
  9. Connection prices through online web services (xml, soap, post …) providers — prices caching;
  10. SEO management meta — keywords, title, description, H1 — on any page of the catalog of spare parts;
  11. Connection module for 26 interface languages. Edit exchange rates, discounts for groups of customers: wholesale, retail;
  12. Add and edit your own templates data output (design change directory);
  13. Settings and customization logic of the module component (hide unwanted brands, models of cars, spare parts, without the price …)
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